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High-quality acquaintance with France is a luxury that everyone should afford. The company «Pro.Vin.Sel» organizes the best in the country tours to the provinces of France – from Moscow and St. Petersburg. In our recreational collection you will find a wide variety of sightseeing tours to France. But, unlike the offers of our colleagues in the tourism industry, each of our tours to France has its striking individual features.

Tour to France with the company «Pro.Vin.Sel» means...

Firstly, an informative and unforgettable vacation in France. It can be an introduction to the culinary culture of Languedoc and Provence, fascinating master classes and tastings. Our customers with long experience enjoy our highly specialized gastronomic tours to France from St. Petersburg or Moscow – by local wineries, cellars or cheese factories. In addition, you can buy a tour to France, focused on learning French or the subtleties of playing golf.

Secondly, the services of a Russian-speaking guide who will translate and explain everything that might interest a Russian gourmet, hampered by the language barrier in France. 

Third, attention to the details  instead of settling our guests in standard hotels, we try to offer guest houses of a medieval castle, on charming farms or estates, whose owners are engaged in winemaking. This allows people who take a trip to France from Moscow to experience the atmosphere of this country, to communicate with the creators of wine and cheeses, instead of comparing the Europeen breakfast and hotel rooms with those seen in Sweden or on Bali.

To give you maximum satisfaction from the trip we have included all the earthy pleasures to the price - so, since the moment we meet you in the airport and until your leaving you don't need to care about payment. All events, accommodation, full board, master classes, tastings, excursions, picnics and transfer under the program are included in the tour price.


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September, 18 - September, 23

The program "all included" from 1930 euros


This unforgettable gastronomic tour includes numerous tastings, walks at the most important places of Paris, visiting medieval cellars and vineyards...

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Journey to the South of France

« Montpellier&Découverte »




Tour dates


July, 31 – August, 6

August, 7 – August, 13

August, 14 – August, 20

August, 21 – August, 27

August, 28 – September, 3 

 The program "all included" 1440 euros


This journey is for those who want to feel the charm of medieval French streets, to enjoy the wine in local lively bars, to taste a fresh morning croissant in the oldest bakery and to listen to fascinating stories of the southern France.  But can you imagine summer without going to the seaside? We give to each visitor a one-day trip to the gorgeous private beach and a glass of cold rosé wine, so you could really enjoy your trip! 

Accomodation: Grand Hotel du Midi (****), located in the very center of Montpellier on the Comedy Square, in a typical Ottoman style building. Spacious rooms and fresh buffet breakfast are waiting for you...


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Feast of Beaujolais Nouveau in Burgundy


Especially for you, dear gourmets, we have learned all the traditions of this holiday and have developed a unique program that will allow you to participate in this most authentic French feast.



November, 14 - November, 18

The program "all included" from 1599 euros


Burgundy is one of the most famous historical regions of France. It is known not only for its abbeys, churches, palaces, the former possessions of noble counts ... but also for its fine wines.

Every year, during five days, the birthplace of the famous wine Beaujeu celebrates the well-known festival "Beaujolais nouveau".

Winemakers and wine lovers, villagers and merry fellows from around the world gather in Burgundy on the third Thursday of November, when it is allowed solemnly to open and taste the first barrels of new wine...  Our program includes:

  • Acquaintance with local traditions
  • Traditional dinners and lunches
  • Visits to traditional events and concerts dedicated to the festival of Beaujolais Nouveau
  • Communication with winemakers
  • Tasting of young wine in the most picturesque villages of Burgundy and the best wine cellars
  • Visiting local markets



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Art de Vivre with Nika Ganich

Цвет & Вкус Бургундии с Никой Ганич


October, 9 - October, 14

The program "all included" from 1899 euros


To start an overcast season full of health and energy, we go to the beautiful region of France - Languedoc. Here we are going to discover the secrets of youth, hidden in the natural wealth and gastronomy of the region.

A well-known journalist and TV presenter Nika Ganich will be our motivator in this difficult matter. Nika knows not only how to cook well, but also how to keep herself in great shape, to be healthy and attractive.

The unique hotel «Les Corallines», located in the snow-white town of La Grande Motte, will open its doors for you

Built on the thermal springs that are used in the brand of famous French cosmetics, the SPA hotel will give us comfortable accommodation and the uniqueness of its SPA procedures.



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thalasso and terroir


September, 11 - September, 17

The program "all included" from 1899 euros 


A gastronomic tour in the SPA Hotel Les Corallines on the Mediterranean coast in the town of La Grande Motte.

During the long New Year holidays, Pro.Vin.Sel invites you to the unique gastronomic tour Thalasso & Terroir.

Our guides will not only drive you around the South-French outback with its delightful vineyards and oyster farms, but will also show you the most impressive seaside resort of Languedoc - La Grande Motte.

Here a stylish hotel «Les Corallines», known for its SPA-center and specialists in thalassotherapy, will open its doors for you.



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Thalasso&Terroir long week-end

Thalasso&Terroir longue week-end


September, 21 - September, 24

 The program "all included" from 1499 euros


A gastronomic weekend tour in the SPA Hotel Les Corallines on the Mediterranean coast in the town of La Grande Motte.

A short version of the Thalasso & Terroir tour will help you to escape from work and to spend a delightful weekend.

Pro.Vin.Sel will provide you with a wonderful «refuge» in the South of France - in the famous seaside resort of Languedoc «La Grande Motte».

Specialists in thalassotherapy and a SPA-center of a stylish hotel «Les Corallines» are waiting for you!



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chateau and charme


August, 21 - August, 27

September, 12 - September, 18

The program "all included" from 1399 euros


A gastronomic tour in a private winery estate.

Vineyards, gilded by the last rays of the warm sun, have already given their precious fruits to men.

Now their juice undergoes a mysterious process of alchemy - before turning into a young wine…

But you already know how the grapes turn into wine: the local owners have shown you their winery and all the processing stages, so now you know that this miracle is a result of a man-made careful treatment of the gifts of nature.

Now you hold this miracle in your hands – an excellent homemade wine of the Valloubière estate. You are sitting on the terrace next to the beautiful swimming pool, awaiting a culinary masterpiece from the hostess of estate, and the fountain is splattering among the olive trees... 



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for children and adults

 The program "all included" from 1199 euros


Educational tour to the South of France with the French language learning - through the gastronomy, lifestyle and traditions of the French

You've always wanted to learn French in practice? Your child complains about boring lessons at school? Then this tour is exactly what you and your children need! We offer you to go on a trip to Montpellier and its surroundings together with us: we will learn how to order a dish in a restaurant, how to choose fruits and vegetables in the morning market, understand the French golf coach and also get to know the life of French students... daily casual language practice!


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The program "all included" from 1899 euros

A romantic relaxation tour to the wild Camargue steppes and the largest sandy beaches of the Mediterranean.

A wonderful region, which is known from the movies and seems unattainable, distant and magical... In our tour «Spa & Camargue» it becomes a reality!

During the tour you will get to know local cowboys, camargue shepherds, riding white horses... You will witness the daily life of the locals - with their cheerful gypsy songs and bull races. During the safari we will get acquainted with the unique flora and fauna of this wild southern French region. And after we'll go to the capital of Languedoc - elegant and mysterious Montpellier - a city that combines the medieval charm and rhythm of a modern city.



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August, 24 - August, 30

September, 11 - September, 17

The program "all included" from 1199 euros

Charm of the feudal castle, fine gastronomy in the fireplace room, old provincial France in the heart of Southern Burgundy...

  • Culinary master-class from the leading chef of the region
  • Tastings of gorgeous Burgundy wines, goat cheese, snails and local desserts
  • A walk around charming Macon and the banks of Saône 
  • Discovering the unique wealth of Southern Burgundy - castles and poetry, cosy villages and valleys of vineyards
  • Lunches at the finest local restaurateurs
  • Dinners at the fireplace in the gobelin hall of the castle d'Igé from the chef Olivier Pons (restaurant awarded two hats by the esteemed Gault & Millau guide
  • Transfer during the whole trip (comfortable minibus)
  • Support of a Russian-speaking guide, who lives in the region and knows perfectly the local traditions

Claude Poissonet will tell us about the unique desserts of Macon in a family bakery in the very heart of the city! And, of course, we will taste everything! 

Olivier Pons has been a head of the castle d'Igé restaurant for 14 years already. Under his leadership, the restaurant joined the brand of quality Châteaux & Hôtels Collection (Alain Ducasse himself is responsible for its standards).


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Bistronomie in Languedoc

bistro carré.jpg


August, 7 - August, 13

September, 11 - September, 17

 The program "all included" from 1490 euros


Wine and gastronomic tour with culinary master classes of chefs and film shooting about Languedoc, inspired by a new movement in restaurateur business - Bistronomy. We will live in a villa in the Château de Valloubière wine estate and travel throughout the region, accompanied by our experienced guide, an expert in the world of gastronomy.

This unique tour includes a rich program:

  • Introduction to enology (the science of winemaking) by Virgile Joli - oenologist and winemaker, a hero of the book "Virgile's Vineyard: A Year in the Languedoc Wine Country" by Patric Moon.
  • A culinary master class with chef Adrian in the Chateau de Valloubière.
  • Dinners in the restaurant of the estate with tastings of all the wines of the farm.
  • Wine tastings, tastings of local cheeses, olive oils and oysters.
  • Walk through the charming capital of Languedoc - Montpellier.
  • Discovering the unknown Languedoc: abbeys and grottos, villages and valleys, castles and lagoons.
  • Dinners at the finest local restaurateurs.
  • Transfer during the whole trip (comfortable minibus).
  • Support of a Russian-speaking guide, who lives in the region and knows perfectly the local traditions.


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 The program "all included" from 1690 euros


Wine and gastronomic tour in Marseilles and Provence during the flowering of lavender fields.

We will spend 2 days in Marseille and 5 days in Provence. In Marseille, we will live in a typical hotel in the city center near the Old Port, the most popular place for walking among locals and guests of the city. In Provence, we will live in the Villa "7" made in a true Provencal style, in an old stone mas. All rooms have their own individual style. You will enjoy a large swimming pool, wine bar and, of course, wi-fi. Elegant breakfasts on the terrace under the age-old oak tree will make every morning of your stay in France even more pleasant.

  • Historical visit of Marseilles and the fish market
  • Boat trip to the island of If and the story of Count of Monte Cristo
  • Wine tasting in different wineries
  • Visiting the towns of Uzes and Saint-Remy-de-Provence
  • Visiting the production of olive oil
  • Trip to Avignon and visit the Palais des Papes
  • Dinners at the finest local restaurateurs
  • Photoshoot on lavender fields
  • Master-class of Provençale cuisine with a chef
  • Transfer during the whole trip (comfortable minibus)
  • Support of a Russian-speaking guide



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September, 25 - October, 1

The program "all included" from 1590 euros


The best gift is a discovery of gastronomic France – festive, beautiful, delicious and always so different...

To make this discovery really complete and impressive, we start our trip in Paris – the gastronomic capital of France, and then continue it in Montpellier – the former capital of Languedoc, in the authentic south of France.

You will get to know the most emblematic places in Paris – not only historical, but gastronomic as well. 

You will also plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of the Christmas city, where the history, traditions and gastronomy are all mixed together. Walking along the streets of Paris, you will feel like a court lady or a musketeer, a poor artist or a beginner poet. Paris has many faces, as well as its gastronomy. For the next 5 days we will stay in Languedoc. In this part of the trip you will discover the color and taste of the south of France, the charm of its authentic architecture and, of course, its gastronomy. We will show you unknown Languedoc: the gastronomy of the inventive chefs from nearby towns; wine, cheese, sausage and oyster tastings, accompanied by detailed stories; immersion to the history of Occitania and its secrets; the routes, generated specially for you...



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Enogastronomic tour to the South of France

«The secrets of the Languedoc wines»



September, 4 - September, 12
September, 18 - September, 26

The program "all included" from 1690 euros


You can't cope with an irresistible passion for wine and a beautiful life? Then this travel program is designed specifically for you!

You will take a ride on the most famous wine estates of the region, meet their winemakers and taste the most delicious meals of Landuedoc. All of this is put together in this 8-day trip, so that you could have maximum emotions and impressions during this time!  

 Where will we stay?  In the Hotel des Arceaux ***, located in the historical centre of Montpellier. To see the hotel в историческом сердце Монпелье. Here you can find more information about the hotel.

This small and cosy hotel offers thirteen rooms, decorated with a delicate taste. It is situated just in a five-minute walk from the central square of Montpellier and in a seven-minute walk from the railway station. Moreover, there is a traditional farmer's market not far from the hotel, which will especially please the gourmets.  


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From Bordeaux to the Basque Country

basque country.jpg

September, 5  September, 10
October, 2  October, 7

The program "all included" from 1950 euros


You want to enjoy amazing landscapes and refined gastronomy? Welcome to the South-West of France: the boundless ocean, sandy beaches, excellent wine and exquisite cuisine!  

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