Tour to Burgundy with stay in a castle 

«Château & Bourgogne»

Burgundy is one of the most famous historical areas in France. It is known not only for its abbeys, churches, castles, former possesions of noble counts... but also for its fabulous wines. The tour to Burgundy with the «Pro.Vin.Sel» company will give you a chance to immerse yourself in the romantic Middle Ages, feeling like a beautiful lady from a romance or a knight-errant. Choose on of our tours to Burgundy and an unforgettable experience is guaranteed for you! 

Those our visitors, who have booked a tour  to Burgundy, will have a chance not only to visit the historical monuments, but also to stay for one or two weeks in the real castle - Château d'Igé of XIII century. It is a true witness of the Middle Ages, that is why the clients of «Pro.Vin.Sel» has a possibility to enjoy the antique atmosphere and the authentic cuisine of old Burgundy. You won't regret if you book this tour to France with accomodation in a castle - these unforgettable memories will stay with you for a lifetime! 


11 - 17 September, 2017

Tour description

Accomodation: Château d'Igé – a great witness of the turbulent times and the feudal wars, clatter of knightly armor and rattle of swords, crossing for the honor of a beautiful lady. It is surrounded by a charming garden with centenary trees - an ideal place for philosophical walks. Former times remind of themselves with a fireplace tapestries, which decorate stone walls of the dining room. All the rooms of the castle have their own individual decor and are furnished with antique furniture and objects of art. The whole week on the territory of the historical monument, offering modern level of luxury comfort, is waiting for us. 

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Day 1




Day 2

  • French breakfast in the castle.
  • Walk around the city of Mâcon, visit to the local "pâtisserie" (confectionery). The secret recipe of traditional pastry "Ideal mâconnais" and waffle rolls "Gaufrettes mâconnaises".
  • Culinary workshop with Olivier Pons - a chef of the restaurant of Château d'Igé.
  • Results of your creativity - for dinner with chef.



Day 3

  • French breakfast in the castle.
  • Bike ride along the vineyards.
  • Picnic.
  • Tasting Burgundy wines in the enoteca "Terres Secrètes".                                     
  • Free time in Mâcon. Shopping.
  • Dinner in the restaurant "Le Poisson d'Or".



Day 4

  • French breakfast in the castle.
  • Visite to the castle Fuissé of the XV century, acquaintance with the Vincent family. Wine tasting. 
  • Walk aroungd the village of Fuissé.
  • Lunch in the restaurant "L’O des Vignes".                                      
  • Visit to the historicap castle Berzé-le-Châtel.
  • Gastronomic dinner made by Olivier Pons.



Day 5

  • French breakfast in the castle.
  • Walk around the city of Cluny, visit to the famous abbey. 
  • Free time, shopping.
  • Visit to the goat farm d'Or and degustation of its goat cheese. Workshop on creating your own cheese. Castle of Saint-Pois. Return to the castle. 
  • Dinner in the castle.



Day 6

  • French breakfast in the castle.
  • Morning market and local products of the region. Free time. 
  • Visit to the manifacture "Jacoulot" in the village of Romaneche-Thorins. Degustation of marc, liqueurs and creams. Rest in the hotel.
  • Gala evening in the Michelin restaurant "Pierre". Dessert preparation with chef – soufflé with liqueur "Grand Marnier".


Французский завтрак в отеле

Day 7

  • French breakfast in the castle.
  • Departure.
  • Transfer to the airport.


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