Visit to the south of France


Languedoc is one of the most well-known historical regions of France, which has been glorified by medieval songs of troubadours long time ago... Moreover, during our standard tour to the southern France, where Languedoc is located, our visitors will enjoy a plenty of monuments of the Gallo-Roman culture – pagan temples, amphitheatres, aqueducts and triumphal arches. But! None of those showplaces can overshadow the main one – culture of wine manufacturing, as well as the fame of the oldest wine-making region of France.

To help you enjoy all the advantages of the southern France, the company «Pro.Vin.Sel» organises its tours taking care of each client. We host our guests in a private estate, which owners have been making this magic drink for the centuries. Such wine tours to France, to the south, give our visitors an opportunity to assess personally the potential of Languedoc as a wine manufacturer. In addition to our wine tours, you will get to know the showplaces of the region and a pleasant set of SPA treatments. 


You want to relax on the seaside?

Then a tour to the coast of France would be an ideal option for you!

What can be better than to spend nice time on the French Riviera?  Our company «Pro.Vin.Sel» will help you to organise such a pleasure! For our guests we prepare not only magnificent sea tour in the warm and sunny southern France, but also something else... For example, an exciting shopping or culinary workshops by Michelin chefs. Of course, we do not forget about degustations. In a word, the holidays by the sea can be really varied and captivating, when the exterts of cultural and event tourism get down to business.


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Gastronomic tour to the unknown region of Languedoc with accommodation in the private wine estate.


Трансфер до поместья Château de Valloubière.


Tour description



Трансфер до поместья Château de Valloubière.

Day 1


Посещение винного погреба и рассказ о виноделии от Николя.

Day 2

  • French breakfast.
  • Visit to the unique grotto - la Grotte de Clamouse. The spectacular music show - "Magnificat".
  • Lunch in "La Pourpre&Les Oliviers".
  • Story of Saint-Jean-de-Fos, visit to the ceramic studio.
  • Return to the estate. Massage, swimming pool, jacuzzi.
  • Visite to the wine cellar and a story of winemaking.
  • Dinner at the estate with a wine degustation "Château de Valloubière".


Кулинарный мастер-класс от мэтра Филиппа Шапона - двукратного чемпиона Франции по десертам.

Day 3

  • French breakfast at the estate.
  • Visit to the Pont du Diable - the most ancient medieval bridge of France. 
  • Walk around the beautiful village of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert.
  • Free time.
  • Return to the estate. Swimming pool, jacuzzi. Massage (optional).
  • Culinary workshop by chef Philippe Chapon - a double champion of France for desserts.
  • Dinner.


Обед в Le Paresseur – свежий вкус местной кухни.

Day 4

  • French breakfast at the estate.
  • We leave for the former capital of Languedoc – Montpellier. Walk around Ecusson - the historical centre of Montpellier, an author's story about the city, narrated by our guide.
  • Lunch in "Le Paresseur" – a fresh taste of the local cuisine. 
  • Freetime in Montpellier.
  • Return to the estate.
  • Dinner at the estate with a wine degustation "Château de Valloubière".


Посещение сырной лавки с дегустацией трёх видов сыров.

Day 5

  • French breakfast at the estate.
  • Again, we leave for Montpellier.
  • The history of olive oil by Dominic and degustation.
  • Visit to the cheese shop ("fromagerie") with a degustation of three kinds of cheese.
  • Free time in Montpellier.
  • Return to the estate.
  • Jacuzzi and swimming pool.
  • Dinner at the estate with a wine degustation "Château de Valloubière".


Сауна, хаммам, три СПА-процедуры на выбор.

Day 6

  • French breakfast at the estate.
  • Sauna, hammam (steam bath), three SPA treatments at your choice. 
  • Lunch on the terrace.
  • Rest on the beach.
  • Wine and tapas degustation in the bar "L’Entre’Potes".


Французский завтрак в поместье.

Day 7

  • French breakfast at the estate.
  • Farewell photo shoot.
  • Transfer to the airport.


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