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5 - 11 June / 12 - 18 June / 19 - 25 June, 2017

An educational and informative tour to the south of France with learning of the French language through discovering the local gastronomy and lifestyle. 



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5 - 11 June / 12 - 18 June / 19 - 25 June, 2017

Tour description



Day 1




Day 2

  • French breakfast in the hotel. 
  • Morning market "Les Arceaux" in the legendary historical city center. Today you will learn the French names of fruits and vegetables, and also how to make a purchase. We will visit a French bakery ("boulangerie") and learn about French pastries and bread. 
  • Picnic in the garden of Peyrou with fresh and tasty sandwiches. 
  • Historical visit to the city and the oldest Faculty of Medicine. 
  • The French lesson (with a native speaker) about universities of France and students life.
  • Dinner in the students restaurant of the university.



Day 3

  • French breakfast in the hotel.
  • The French lesson on the seaside. 
  • Picnic with typical French products – baguette, fromage (cheese), jus d’orange (orange juice). Rest on the beach and games.
  • Visit to the Maguelon Abbey on a picturesque peninsula with vineyards
  • Return and dinner in the hotel. 



Day 4

  • French breakfast in the hotel.
  • Trip to Camargue. Safari on the national park. The French lesson about animals. 
  • Traditional meal of Camargue – gardiane de taureau – for lunch.
  • Visit to the medieval fortress Aigues Mortes, narration about its history on the top of a medieval wall. 
  • Dinner in the restaurant of the old city.



Day 5

  • French breakfast in the hotel.
  • Culinary workshop «Ratatouille and the secret of chocolate fondant».
  • The results of your creativity for lunch.
  • Oceanarium: sea inhabitants in the French language.
  • Dinner in the restaurant «Léon» on the embankment of Europe – mussels & French fries.



Day 6

  • French breakfast in the hotel.
  • Golf lesson in French.
  • Lunch in the restaurant of the golf-club.
  • Farewell walk around the city and free time for shopping. 
  • Dinner... which will be remembered for a long time.


Французский завтрак в отеле

Day 7

  • French breakfast in the hotel.
  • Departure.
  • Transfer to the airport.


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